Addiction, the dark side of Gambling

Addiction. It is a word that is used more and more often in the world we live in. Years ago the concept of addiction was never really thought about. What we did, was who we were. As time passed, addiction was used primarily in regards of a substance, something that our bodies craved, alcohol and drugs were the two main culprits. The addiction was put down to the fact that these substances created a need, and that it was the substance and no the person that was the problem.

Thorough and further investigation and research revealed that this may not be the case. Yes there were substances that were harder to withdraw from because of chemical agents but there was something in each of us that allowed for a certain amount of addiction, more commonly known as an addictive personality.

Such personalities should avoid gambling at any cost, but the sad fact is, is that one might not realise this is a character trait until they are experiencing the outcome.

To most people, the fact that someone could be become addicted to gambling is something of an oddity. Yet there are many people that suffer from this form of addiction and for whatever reason they cannot combat it.

There is really very little difference between someone addicted to heroin or that of gambling. There is a dependency that the individual needs to feed. With both forms of addiction what starts out as something social able and possesses a certain feel good factor turns into the most dominating force in an individuals’ life.

There are obviously monetary concerns as well. The cost of a chemical addiction is high and due this addiction ways of making money become limited as often the individual is unable to work. Whilst with gambling one is not buying a product but spending every spare penny, and more on the addiction of gambling.

Of course gambling addiction has no noticeable physical effects. Of course as the situation worsens this can happen but drug addicts cannot conceal their illness for a long period of time. The pathological gambler can.

There are various treatments for both gambling addictions and chemical abuse, however there are a great many more suicides committed through gambling debt, than either drugs or alcohol. Though of course the abuse that drink and drugs do to the body will lead to a greater degree of fatalities than gambling.

Whatever the form of addiction one suffers from the essential part of treatment is actually admitting there is a problem and seeking help.