How Casinos Have Future-proofed the Slot Machine

It wasn’t that long ago that the vision of a slot machine was a one arm bandit with noughts and crosses. Once upon a time these machines were setup to dispense chewing gum, hence the labelling of the reels with ‘Bar’, if you have 5 minutes, read the story, it’s a bit of a scandal.

These games may still exist, with a huge presence now available online, however the industry has been transformed greatly over the years with advancements in technology.

Today, slot machine gaming is still mostly about the potential of winning some cash, but it is important for players to get as much fun and entertainment out of their gaming as possible in the process. Here are some of the important changes that have come about over the years to ensure long term success for these machines.


The amount of money that someone can win on a slot machine nowadays could exceed a million pounds! Some slot machines have progressive jackpots connected to them where if you get the correct combination you could scoop the lot! Generally modern slot machines require no skill whatsoever, they are purely a game of chance.

Usually you just press spin (or even activate auto-spin) and you watch the game play. The higher the stake you play sometimes actually increases not only the RTP (Return to Player) rate but also the chance of getting into the feature bonuses. These sort of jackpot games will normally be found in places like Vegas where people will flock and try out their luck to leave the city a million pounds better off – a goal they almost certainly won’t achieve.


The entertainment of the modern slot games is unbelievable, these machines are sometimes themed after your favourite TV show or film. It could even be designed after your favourite pop star! This then attracts people to play on these specific slot games and they become more popular with the players. The amount of flashing lights, sounds and bangs that come from these modern slots is awesome and adds to the entertainment factor, of course adding to the likelihood that players will come back to the machine time after time.

Ease of Use

Slot Machines nowadays have all sorts of technological features. For example, if you want to credit the slot with cash, sometimes you can insert your rewards card to the slot, and it would charge it against that. Alternatively, if the casino is connected to a hotel, you could insert your room key and the credit is charged to the room. Gone are the days where you are required to carry around a wad of cash and a pot of coins.


Casinos offer people perks for their loyalty. As a result, if you are loyal to a specific casino brand and are playing slots with them (with your loyalty card inserted) then you are more than likely to start receiving some perks from the casino (depending on your spending pattern). Even the smallest of perks (like free food) is better than nothing. If you become a VIP, you can expect to get invites to events and some exclusive VIP treatment.

It is clear that the slots machine is going to be around for many years to come. It is one of our favourite parts of a casino and we are more than happy to see it have a long and happy life.