Is There a Minimum Age Enforced At Online Casinos?

Ah, youth — when you’re a young gambler, it can feel like the whole world is against you. If there’s one question that we get a lot from our younger players and those that dream about playing in high stakes gambling tournaments online, it’s the question about whether or not there really is a minimum age enforced at online casinos.

In a word, yes — generally speaking, it’ll be 18. Even though there might be a few countries that allow gambling at younger ages, the truth is that money is involved and agreements involved. Whenever there’s legal agreements involved, it’s up to each site to make sure that their customers can legally enter into that agreement. If they allowed you to play when you’re underage, they would be breaking the law since you can’t enter into a contract and you can’t technically put your money in their systems.

So to answer the question properly, there is a minimum age enforced at online casinos. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start your gambling career in a sense — it just might take you a little longer.

Until you hit the minimum age to play at the online casinos, you can still read up on gambling strategy. We have plenty of guides that can help you polish your game — if you’re a poker fan, we have guide son how to improve your poker game. You can play online poker for free at many places — you don’t have to try to sneak into the online casinos.

Once you turn 18, you can actually play at an online casino outright, and you’ll already have practiced your gambling to the point where you can really compete. Why just wait around for that “magical moment” where you can actually gamble online when you could be practicing your game all this time?

Even though you might not think about it right now, you have to also think about the type of bankroll that you want to build. If you’re like a year off from being able to play in the online casinos, you can always save up money from a second job or even a summer job just acquired for the purpose of building your bankroll. It all depends on how serious you are about really making a good gambling run when the time actually comes!