Multi-Line Slots

The only difference multi-line slots have with standard slots is the presence of more than one pay line. For many, this means increased chances of winning if a player chooses to wager on more than one pay line. Multi-line slots, unlike standard slots, have different variations – three line slots, five line slots, and nine line slots. There are also multi-line slot games of up to 25 pay lines.

The Difference

Standard slot games have only three reels and one pay line, which is usually the middle horizontal line. The symbols in this line must match the winning combinations of the classic slot game in order for a player to win in the round. These combinations must be in the winning pay line.

In multi-line slot games, winning is not as singular. The number of winning combinations depends on the number of pay lines. In a single spin, a player can win a large amount of payout, provided that the combination fits more than just one pay line. This means that a small wager can yield larger amounts of payout if the player wins.

The Instructions

If you want to play at multi-line slots on any mobile casino, you must best understand first how standard slot games go as you may have a hard time understanding them if you don’t play the basic ones first. After this, determine the amount of your wager. This can range from the minimum to the maximum allowable bet in the slot game.

Your wager may be multiplied once or as many times as the pay lines allow it. If there are 25 pay lines, then you are free to wager 25 times. This means that the winning combinations will be measured based on the 25 pay lines available. What’s good about wagering on multiple pay lines is the increased possibility of winning at least one pay line. At best, you can win all the possible combinations and take home a huge jackpot prize.

The Number of Pay Lines

People have varied opinions regarding the optimum number of pay lines a player must bet on. However, players generally agree that wagering on the most number of pay lines possible is not a good decision. Some of these lines may overlap and end up with you winning one pay line and losing the other. As such, make sure that the lines you wager on are not overlapping and are independent of each other.