Psychology of the casino

The Casino industry is not at all an industry of the wallet… oh, they make money, make no mistake, but they do not succeed by simply calculating the host edge and selling drinks.

The Casino business is a business of the mind. There are so many dollars spent every year by the casino industry each year on psychological studies that it would make your head spin just to hear about them! For example, why do you think that there is so much of the color red on casinos? It is everywhere. The leather is red, the tables are red, the slots are read, the chips are read… even the ties and vests of the dealers are red sometimes! This is because red has a subliminal effect on us… it causes us to take risks to attracting us to the idea of victory.

Also, there are very few clocks in the casinos. Actually, you will probably not see a clock at all in a casino. Why? Well, because if you lose track of time, you will keep gambling. Every time you decide to hit the tables, they stand to make a profit. They want you to play as much as they can get you to. If this means offering you a free hotel room, than they will do it… especially if you have been winning.  Actually, they will especially want you to stay if they know you were winning, because this way they know that you have money to spend.

All in all, the only way to win at the casino is to control yourself. If you are careful about how much you spend, than you can come out alright. It is when you lose control and spend all of your money that you get into trouble.

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