The Social Network Gamer – Why?

How many hours does an average person invest into social network games without any discernible reward? Whether it is Farmville; a game where the players build and maintain their own farms, or Mafia Wars; where the player is the architect of a criminal empire – millions of  people across the globe find themselves wiling away precious time in exchange for in game gifts.  Some of these gamers use real cash to further advance their progress in such games whilst knowledgeable of the fact that there is no conclusion to the game. Why plough money into such fruitless projects when one could spend cash on online gambling sites and have the opportunity to actually win money online.

By playing betting games online a gamer can be rewarded for the amount of time they put in by winning real currency – hard cash that can be spent on real products in the real world, away from the cyber territory of the internet. Yes, one must invest their own cash into the games to stand any chance of making a profit, but the benefits outweigh the risks if you consider the fact that every day people purchase premium content on social networking sites and receive nothing but a multi coloured cow on a computer screen. What benefits does this give other than giving the player a chance to show their other farm building friends their devotion to the art of ‘farm management’. Why do this when one could potentially make a profit on scratch card games or online poker?

‘There’s a chance I could lose more money than I make’ I hear you cry. Admittedly, by gambling a person runs the risk of losing money rather than making it but isn’t this what the financial sector does on a daily basis? Investment is always a risk; running with the lows as well as the highs is just part of the game. One should note here that there is a danger involved in gambling. Like most enjoyable activities it should be practised in moderation. Gambling should be a fun pastime. There is a difference to having a quick flutter on a roulette game to spending one’s life savings to satisfy a craving to play an online game.